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About our group

Hallo, I’ve started a Supper Club in Leipzig and I’m keen to meet more foodies, whether you enjoy cooking or eating! Come join an event (there is a fee which covers costs of ingredients etc), learn to cook something new or join us to visit a new restaurant!

Not sure what a supper club is? Check out our FAQ’s http://gregariousmammal.com/content/apartment-supper-club-leipzig-frequently-asked-questions

Mscate Organizer

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07:00PM OCT


We have a meeting every last Monday of the month at 07:00PM.

Posted by User15 Mscate 10/07/2014 02:42PM

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11/27/2016 Meeting 0 Yes | 0 No | 0 Maybe
11/28/2016 Meeting 0 Yes | 0 No | 0 Maybe

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  • User35
    Mscate, Tuesday, 10/07/2014 02:44PM

    Willkommen! Ich schreibe meist in Englisch, wie ich bin, Deutsch lernen in schule, aber ich würde Sie gerne kennenlernen

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