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As a foreign language correspondent, I speak English at work quite often. However, I would like find people with whom I can communicate in English also in my spare time. The idea is to spend some free time together and for example go on excursions or simply for a walk and talk to each other about everything that is on our mind. Of course if the weather is too bad to stay outside we will simply go to a cafe or pub, for example Finkenkrug, Jedermann, Fahrenholz, Lindenwirtin, Ostende, Engelbert, Krümelkueche… Excursions will lead to sights in Duisburg and nearby cities. Suggestions are welcome. Some proposals from my side: Landschaftspark, Kaisergarten Oberhausen, boat tour on the Ruhr.. We can go for a walk in the forest, the Botanical Gardens, the 6lakes district, near the regatta course… Anyone who is able to speak English is welcome to join us, no matter if local, expat or refugee and from which country – Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Gambia or whichever part of the world you are from.

Astridausduisburg Organisator
My name is Astrid Guenther and I live in Duisburg-Neudorf with my partner. I lov...

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19:00h MÄR

Treffen Singing Gospel in Duisburg Neudorf (47057 Duisburg)

A very nice Gospel choir in Duisburg Neudorf is looking for new singers! So if you like singing and if you like Gospel just come around.

For lack of time I’m not a member of this choir anymore but since I like the people there I help them to look for new singers ( especially men’s voices are really needed! ).

Geschrieben von User15 Astridausduisburg 08.03.2016 08:17h

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29.03.2018 Treffen "Singing Gospel in Duisburg Neudorf" 0 Ja | 0 Nein | 0 Vielleicht
03.04.2018 Treffen "English conversation group Duisburg" 0 Ja | 0 Nein | 0 Vielleicht

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15.03.2017 Treffen "English speaking regular table in Duisburg Neudorf" 2 Teilnehmer, 0 Bilder
03.01.2017 Treffen "English conversation group Duisburg" 2 Teilnehmer, 1 Bild

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3 Grüße an die Gruppe

Bitte melde Dich an, um einen Gruß hinterlassen zu können.

  • User35
    Aj270979, Dienstag 09.02.2016 21:21h

    May I know when is the next meeting ? If I am not working then would love to catch up.

  • User35
    Astridausduisburg, Montag 11.01.2016 20:06h

    Thank you, Spontaenchen! I hope so, too.

  • User35
    Spontaenchen, Montag 11.01.2016 18:10h

    Hi everybody,

    I hope we will meet soon!

Offene Gruppe, Inhalte für alle sichtbar Gruppe jetzt beitreten... Oder melde Dich an, falls Du bereits Mitglied bist.

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