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21 MAI

Meeting: Late Breakfast - Early Lunch

Posted by User15 Mimi2008 04/11/2016 11:51AM (modified: 05/09/2016 11:56AM) | 75 x read

Date: Saturday, 05/21/2016 at 12:00PM

I booked a table at 12 o’clock at Bambus Garden. Buffet 7.90 € plus drinks. Looking Forward to Meeting you there! Diana

Unfortunately, Cafe Schloss Benrath is still closed. Here is an alternative for a buffet. It opens at 11.30h and food is said to be delicious:


I can book a table for us at 12 o’clock.

Hi all,

We continue to have breakfast/lunch together once a month :-).

Unfortunately Café Schloss Benrath which offers a nice variety of lunch dishes/salads/breakfast cannot be booked at present because the owner is going to change in early May. I will check in May about the location.

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Attending (4)

  • User90 conny1986
  • User90 it69
  • User90 europol
  • User90 mimi2008

Not attending (2)

  • User90 tanja-wuppertal
  • User90 piano63


  • User35
    Ashacat, Wednesday, 04/13/2016 08:51AM

    Hi, I try :-)

  • User35
    Piano63, Sunday, 05/08/2016 03:56PM

    Sorry, need to cancel. Hopefully next time! Have fun.🍴🍩☕🍶

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