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28 JUN

Meeting: Movie in English (OMU)

Posted by User15 Tanja-Wuppertal 06/10/2016 07:41PM | 37 x read

Date: Tuesday, 06/28/2016 at 06:30PM
Location: Atelier, 47 Graf-Adolf-Straße, 40210 Düsseldorf, Deutschland » Map

Hello everbody,

lets watch the movie HIGH RISE

In the 1970s, people called high-rise buildings slums built up into the sky, and now film-maker Ben Wheatley has built the 1970s out into the future. His new film High-Rise is a bizarre spectacle, sleek and seedy and mad: a world of sideburns, brutalist concrete and shag-pile carpeting matted with fag ash and blood. Very strange, very Sanderson. It’s closer to an installation of non-narrative freakiness and outrageous self-indulgence. This indulgence is the film’s flaw, but it is also in some way its subject. A long way down: the nightmare of JG Ballard’s towering vision Read more

Wheatley (the director of disturbing movies such as Sightseers and Kill List) and his screenwriter Amy Jump have adapted JG Ballard’s cult novel from 1975 about a state-of-the-art residential tower block whose inhabitants succumb to a collective nervous breakdown, apparently as a result of the building itself. Designed to anticipate every rational human need, it has somehow only succeeded in triggering the tenants’ subconscious desire for chaos and destruction, a need to vandalise its supposed perfection.

Film start 7 pm.

See you there


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