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Über unsere Gruppe

Eine kleine Gruppe die sich wöchentlich trifft um englisch zu hören und zu sprechen

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as a native englisch speaker who seldom speaks english, a chance to help other p...
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19:00h DEZ

Treffen Wednesday English Meeting 07-12-2016 (80339 München)

Hello everybody! I want to invite you all to our weekly English Meeting on Wednesday evening at 7 pm, at Café Westend (at the corner of Ganghoferstraße and Anglerstraße). Everyone who is interested in speaking, improving and learning English is very welcome. The level is mostly (upper) intermediate, but everyone with any level is invited to give it a try! Because the best way to gain or maintain a good English is: (big surprise!) speaking English! :-) There are also people coming from my original social platform called spontacts. So everybody, I hope I will see you all on Wednesday evening! If you have questions: just go ahead and ask :-)

Geschrieben von User15 Andreasdk 04.12.2016 16:54h

4 Zusagen | 2 Absagen | 2 Unentschieden Hier zu- oder absagen!

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30.11.2016 Treffen "Wednesday English Meeting 30-11-2016" 2 Teilnehmer, 0 Bilder
23.11.2016 Treffen "Wednesday English Meeting 23-11-2016" 4 Teilnehmer, 0 Bilder

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25 Grüße an die Gruppe

Bitte melde Dich an, um einen Gruß hinterlassen zu können.

  • User35
    Marcel2016, Sonntag 27.11.2016 19:43h

    Hi, when is the next meeting and where does it take place? Happy to receive a short answer…

  • User35
    Logan5, Freitag 15.07.2016 20:43h

    Hi, when is the next meeting? 20. July? Where and when is the meeting point? Hope I can join the next conversation.

  • User35
    Ene-Vene, Samstag 25.06.2016 20:42h

    Hi everybody when is the next Meeting?perhaps wednesday the 29 the and where? I want to take part! Greetings

  • User35
    Dennis22, Donnerstag 19.05.2016 16:51h

    Hello everybody, my name is Dennis and I live in Munich since two weeks. Hope I can join your meeting next week?!

  • User35
    Kleink, Freitag 22.04.2016 20:27h

    Hallo, Greetings to all from someone who’s english is some limited, when reading sometimes is ok is speeching a little bit a catastrophe… so i join the group… best wishes

  • User35
    Filiz12, Montag 08.02.2016 13:13h

    Hello, I just joined this group and I am very excited to meet you guys ;) See you soon, Filiz

  • User35
    Emilk, Sonntag 25.10.2015 19:40h

    Hi thogeter, i would like to improve my english. I hope it is poosible in your groop. Best regards Emil

  • User35
    Doris108, Freitag 14.08.2015 20:01h

    Hello I’m new here. I look forward to the next meeting and hope to improve my english. It’s easy to write, when I’ve time :) best regards Doris

  • User35
    Baumi2, Samstag 01.08.2015 21:32h

    Greetings from Czechia … uhm Slovakia, where I am currently travelling to check whether German or English is more important to learn if you want to go there. Current result: You can continue training your English. Oh and even more than English speakers the Czech are a people of bicyclist. Lets see if that changes in Slovakia with the even higher mountains. Now if I can only find out how to show the picture of me pulling the slovakian border sign towards the czechian to reunite them……. Have fun!

  • User35
    Ibi81, Samstag 28.03.2015 23:46h

    Hello Englishspeaker München, i live here and i will be really happy when i can praxic my english with you. So i am looking to see you soon. Best regards ibrahim

  • User35
    Thomapa, Montag 09.03.2015 00:20h

    we meet by videoconferen

  • User35
    Thomapa, Montag 09.03.2015 00:19h

    I want to attend to the Meetings often but I worked allways at nights. I had to go at 21:30 to work. So the Meeting at 19:00 is for me to late. I can only stay for 01 hour there. Can we beginn earlier with the Meeting. Another proposal I ve, is to meet with friends of this groop in different days and times and speak english with them. Or we meet per videoconferenz ano

  • User35
    Franziba, Mittwoch 31.12.2014 15:46h

    Hi everybody! Let me introduce myself a bit: I am Franziska, 21 years old, and I moved to Munich around two month ago. But most important is: I would really love to improve my Englisch-Speakingskills, because writing is always easier for me and I definitely want to change that. Your group is exactly what I am looking for – so I would be very glad to join your meetings. When and where is your next one? Please contact me! Thanks a lot and best wishes!

  • User35
    Wollpertinger, Montag 08.09.2014 13:51h

    Hi together, I’m a new one! And I want to see what I can learn from you!

  • User35
    Chopa, Mittwoch 18.06.2014 22:45h

    Hi together, I am a new hier and I want to meet nice peoples, improve my englisch(my englisch is very bad :))I hope you kan help me :)

  • User35
    Polavic, Mittwoch 04.06.2014 20:51h

    Hi, I’ve just joined the group and I am looking forward to meet you soon!

  • User35
    Simmerl, Samstag 11.05.2013 19:38h

    Hallo, bin gerade durch Zufall auf eure Gruppe gestoßen – eine tolle Sache und genau das was ich suche :) würde gern mein verstaubtes Englisch mal wieder ein wenig aufpolieren. Wie schaut es denn im Mai mit weiteren Treffen aus? Liebe Grüße

  • User35
    Lau26, Montag 01.04.2013 12:43h

    Hallo, When is going to be the next meet? Thanks!

  • User35
    Olischna, Donnerstag 29.11.2012 16:37h

    Hi Leute! Gibt es die Woche noch ein treffen? Würde gerne mal mitmachen. 😄

  • User35
    Fabiza, Freitag 21.09.2012 12:52h

    I have moved to Stuttgart. No more possibilities to cometo meetings.

  • User35
    Sigi-M, Montag 18.06.2012 10:39h

    Hi Iris ++++++++++++ THX FOR ASKING…. ;)

    Treffen: wednesday-meeting 20/06/2012

    Datum: Mittwoch 20.06.2012 um 19:00h Ort: Stacherias, Karlsplatz 8 , 80335 München,


    I won t be there, I ve too much to do since a few months, but one day, I ll be back !!

    Lots of hugs, ysigi

  • User35
    Emilia4, Donnerstag 16.02.2012 13:21h

    Einladung in Gruppe-Mitglieder helfen Mitglieder

    Falls jemand Interesse hat für neue Gruppe


    Bitte anmelden in Gruppe!

    Ich werde mich freuen Dich als Mitglied zu begrüßen

  • User35
    Lenny-Muc, Freitag 15.07.2011 09:50h

    Hi Folks,

    this is a wonderful opportunity for me, to refresh my “verstaubtes” english :)

  • User35
    Cimelke, Donnerstag 07.07.2011 07:43h

    knock, knock…please let me in ;) All the best Elke

  • User35
    Birgit1405, Montag 20.06.2011 17:54h

    Hi, I just joined the group. I would like to take part in the meeting on 26th June. Looking forward to meeting you, Birgit

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