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Über unsere Gruppe

Welcome to our conversation group ! Enjoy nice time, practise and improve your English while you meet people in always different meeting location or activities.

Esge Organisator
möchte gerne mein englisch praktizieren, verbessern und leute kennenlernen.

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19:30h MAI

Treffen (Nürnberg)

Wir treffen uns jeden letzten Donnerstag im Monat um 19:30h.

Geschrieben von Deleted_user15 Gelöschter Benutzer 04.01.2009 23:50h

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21 Grüße an die Gruppe

Bitte melde Dich an, um einen Gruß hinterlassen zu können.

  • User35
    Jase, Sonntag 12.05.2013 21:51h

    Hi Everybody, I’m a native English speaker and happy to help people with their English. I’m not sure how many meet-ups I’ll be able to get too but have Skype and Google+ so that may be an option. Have good week. Jase

  • User35
    Yhang30286, Dienstag 07.05.2013 03:36h

    I’d like to improve my english skill as well. Is this group has Skype group conversation too? Please lem’me know and add me with Same id like here.thanks!

  • User35
    Yann003, Donnerstag 30.08.2012 21:36h


    i would like improve my englisch. ich hab riesige Interesse und bin flexible (abends)… wer hat interesse? lg, Yannid

  • User35
    Sylvia-Engel, Dienstag 14.08.2012 13:21h

    hi, can we meet us ? my english is bad, but I like to improve my english and I like to meet new people. where can I find you on WW on 15/22/29 august? Please give me a feedback. Thanks.

  • User35
    Danielfromnbg, Montag 05.12.2011 23:07h

    Hey. How can I be a memmber of your group? Ich würde gerne mitmachen. LG Daniel

  • User35
    Danielfromnbg, Montag 05.12.2011 22:59h

    Würde gerne mitmachen. Also hat jemand Lust sein Englisch zu praktizieren? LG Daniel

  • User35
    Danielfromnbg, Montag 05.12.2011 22:58h

    Würde gerne mitmachen. Also hat jemand Lust sein Englisch zu praktizieren? LG Daniel

  • User35
    Aqua34, Samstag 31.07.2010 22:05h

    hi, are there still meetings of this groups? I would like to participate in one of them.

  • User35
    Esge, Montag 09.11.2009 18:36h

    Hi Vickie ! so do I, welcome to our group ! Just fyi, currently because of my time/my job I do not have much time to organize any conversation meeting, but I think I would try to organize x’mas conversation meeting, could be on the middle of Dec. Let see, I will definitely announce it in our calendar, o.k.

    Nice to have you in our group and see you again ! esge

  • User35
    Zitronensaft, Sonntag 08.11.2009 01:17h

    Hiii! I’mm so glad to meet you all=)) my name is Vickie and I would like practice just a lil bit=) My English is miserable)))

  • User35
    Esge, Sonntag 04.10.2009 15:59h

    Hi all,

    because lack of time I cannot organise the monthly meeting at the moment. I will give you all feedback as soon as possible, if I organise the next meeting. Until then I appreciate very much if somebody organise meeting during this time, thx.

    Regards Esge

  • User35
    Esge, Montag 27.07.2009 18:53h

    Hello Berecca,

    welcome to our group, it is great that you enjoy us !


  • User35
    Esge, Montag 20.07.2009 18:35h

    Hi Rdh1979,

    welcome to our conversation group, it is great that you enjoy us.


  • User35
    Esge, Montag 13.07.2009 18:51h

    Hi Dcarolina,

    welcome to our conversation group, it is great that you enjoy us.


  • User35
    Esge, Mittwoch 08.07.2009 18:33h

    Hi Realist66,

    welcome to our conversation group, it is great that you enjoy us.


  • User35
    Esge, Dienstag 07.07.2009 19:22h

    Hi Matthias, welcome to the conversation group ! It is great that you joint us. It is not important what kind of level is your english to joint the group, our target is meet nice people, enjoy the time and improve your english. At the moment I am quite busy, so it could be for July and August I couldn’t organize any meeting. Of course can also every member organize a meeting incl. you as a new member. My Idea is to organize a meeting to enjoy Barden Treffen (End of July/ early August) with the group, but let see how things do.


  • User35
    Esge, Dienstag 16.06.2009 20:10h

    Hi Oliane, welcome to our conversation group. It is not the point how is your english. Just practise your language, so you will be certainly better, that is the only way to improve your skill, so welcome and enjoy our group !

    Regards Esge

  • User35
    Esge, Mittwoch 27.05.2009 19:18h

    Hi Jade-29,

    welcome to our group ! I hope you enjoy us at the next meeting in June !

    Regards Esge

  • User35
    Esge, Mittwoch 04.03.2009 22:00h

    Thx Thomas and welcome !

    Regards Sugi

  • User35
    Esge, Sonntag 01.03.2009 22:58h

    Hi all, I would like also to joint this group. But I see that Onebigsunflower has deleted his/her role as organisator. I will try forward to organize the group, if somebody still has interest on it, for another date. Please let me know about that, o.k. thx !

    Regards Sugi

  • User35
    Tb67, Freitag 09.01.2009 19:45h

    hello, i am thomas and german ! maybe everybody can introduce by themeselve..

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