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  • User35

    To the active group members Yesterday we had our second meeting since I organize it. My hopes were fulfilled. Our group increased. Not only the two from the... Steinhuebl, Montag 24.03.2014 14:26h | 44 x gelesen

  • User35

    About the last meeting and the meeting on 23. of march Hello group members. The active members of our english conversation group decided to plan following meetings according to the... Steinhuebl, Donnerstag 20.03.2014 14:44h | 35 x gelesen

  • User35

    English Hello to everybody, is there a meeting in the near future? I am new in this group and want to improve my english. It would be... Selin-Guezel, Dienstag 22.01.2013 13:04h | 44 x gelesen

  • User35

    Hey People I am new in Nuremberg, recently moved from Paris. I would like to meet people for english, french and german conversation on... Amritsi, Mittwoch 12.12.2012 18:30h | 43 x gelesen

  • Deleted_user35

    Reactivate group Ich komme aus Neuseeland und möchte neuen Leute kennenlernen. Hat jemand Interesse? Gelöschter Benutzer, Mittwoch 19.09.2012 22:16h | 92 x gelesen | 1 Kommentar

  • Deleted_user35

    Gruppe wiederbeleben Hi Leute, da sich hier anscheinend nix tut, versuch ich mal den Club wiederzubeleben. Vielleicht gebt ihr mir mal ne Rückmeldung... Gelöschter Benutzer, Montag 09.08.2010 22:55h | 70 x gelesen | 4 Kommentare

  • User35

    X'mas Wine Punch Hi where have you been guys ? I was there from 18.55 – 19.23, and asked almost everybody at the meetingpoint, it was... Esge, Dienstag 08.12.2009 22:31h | 30 x gelesen | 1 Kommentar

  • Deleted_user35

    where have you been? Have I missunderstood something? I’ve waited over half an hour but nobody of you was coming :-( Gelöschter Benutzer, Mittwoch 01.04.2009 20:06h | 77 x gelesen | 3 Kommentare

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