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Meeting: Let's learn English together!!!

Posted by User15 Secheresses 01/29/2016 05:51PM (modified: 04/01/2016 01:56PM) | 33 x read

Date: Every Thursday at 06:00PM on 04/07/2016

Wir treffen uns jede Woche am Donnerstag um 18:00h.

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Attending (3)

  • User90 wollff
  • User90 aposto
  • User90 secheresses

Not attending (1)

  • User90 mogline71


  • User35
    Secheresses, Friday, 04/01/2016 01:55PM

    Bitte so früh wie möglich anmelden, damit ich mich entsprechend vorbereiten kann. Bis Do., noch eine schöne Woche ….

  • User35
    Mogline71, Thursday, 04/07/2016 12:30PM

    Dear Englisch-Fans, I’m so sorry, but I can’t come today to our meeting. My back is bad and I can’t move free… I hope, you understand my situation. And I hope, you understand my bad englisch… I wish you a good time together!

  • User35
    Secheresses, Saturday, 04/09/2016 04:06PM

    Dear English-Fans, we were a big group of 5 people and we did a lot of reading and listening and talking. At the beginning we did two tongue-twisters . “Rubber, Baby, Buggy, Bumpers” was one of them. After reading two very short stories we were listening to natural English speakers. Then we translated two pages of our crime story. “Murder at Teatime” . At last we talked about the platform groops and how to do the registering by groops for our meetings.

    During our meeting there was a peculiar event as we prepared our recorder in order to listen to the natural speakers voice, a guest about 45 years old, sitting on the table next to us, looked up from his PC and said to me:" You have to tell them more exiting stories, those are really boring". I was a little bit astonished, because at first I didn’t understand what he wanted to say and why he had given his critics without invitation doing this. But I recovered myself very soon and our evening could go on. It was a very interesting and successful evening. Greetings to you all, till our next meeting on the 21th of April. S.

    P.S. Please register as soon as possible, so I can see how many people would like to come and who would like to come. At least 5 days before the meeting.

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