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Asalam-o-Alikum Brother and sisters, First of all i would like to thank you for coming to this page. My purpose of making this group is to make the life of all of us easier because i feel motivation is the most important things to bear the stress ,tragedies and heartaches. in our life one day or other we all go through a very stressful situation and most of the time we cannot share it and keep stressing and cursing our self for the things could be avoided. The keep moving and to keep our IMAN intact we constantly need motivation and realization that everything happens for a reason and being broken is beautiful. We always ask this question ‘’Why Me’’ and why this thing happened to me. This is world my brothers and sisters the problem is we expect Jannah here in this world. It is very important to be together and help each other, motivate each other and spread smiles and help each other to go though this bed of thorns with courage. In the Start i will Give a brief Motivational speech but if anyone of you wants to motivate and have good knowledge and would like to share his or her knowledge then most welcome. I speak English only but if most of the people appear speak German then we can take help of you to translate or if any brother or sister want to deliver speech in German to German audience that will be perfectly fine. JazakALLAH Kher

Ali-Raza-Ee Organizer
keep your faith intact one need to be motivated constantly, and it is very impor...

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    Muslim Motivational Meetup Hello,Guys, what do you think about this idea ? i have made this group to impact the life of people in a positive way, what do... Ali-Raza-Ee, Saturday, 09/24/2016 03:56PM | 2 x read

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