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About our group

This group is for all these people, foreigners and Germans who want to escape from the city life from time to time and enjoy bike tours or walking.

I used to life in Ireland for 1 year and I really loved to have the opportunity to go to several different meetup groups, because it was a fantastic way to get to know new interesting people. Of course there were lots of groups that met up in coffee shops, but there were also some who used to go for a walk on the beach, parks or something else. That were the once I loved the most, because I´m not a person who likes to sit inside all day long.

If there are some like-minded people on this webside, please get in touch with me.

It would be awesome to meet up on some weekends.

We have considered to visit Dreieich, Steinheim, Babenhausen, Reichelsheim so far, but I guess there are more beautiful places around Frankfurt. We are in favor of any suggestions.

At the moment there are just two people in this group, we speak German, English and Spanish.

See you soon!!!

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12:00PM OCT


Wir treffen uns jede Woche am Sonntag um 12:00h.

Posted by User15 Englishstudent 03/07/2012 06:03PM

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  • User35
    Slysheshi, Monday, 03/19/2012 11:51AM

    hallo, am silvia from Kenya.Can i also be involved with the activities of the group? or is the distance a matter? we have nice place around here too!Danke.

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