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About our group

I would like to start a English group for mothers, fathers and children from 0-1 year old living in Berlin who are looking to meet and speak/share their English and parenting experiences. I am a 26 year old registered nurse from Australia living in Berlin for 2 years now and have a 8 month old son who I would like to expose as much as possible to English (as well as German). If you are also a native English speaker or just want to practice your English and have children please contact me. Thanks.

Natmett82 Organizer

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10:00AM NOV

Meeting (12161 Berlin)

We have a meeting every 3. Wednesday of the month at 11:00AM.

Posted by User15 Natmett82 05/15/2008 07:59PM

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  • User35

    English Native Speaker Hi, My name is Shavana, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Wellington, New Zealand. I have a beautiful 11 month old son... Littlemissshav, Friday, 05/16/2008 07:27PM | 29 x read

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  • User35
    Multikulti, Friday, 04/03/2015 01:10PM

    Hi there! is this group still current?

  • User35
    Danu, Monday, 03/23/2009 08:58AM

    Hello Shavana, Sorry but my little boy is going to the kindergarten , but afterwards we often go to the volkspark. perhaps we could met us there?

  • User35
    Heckert, Friday, 10/03/2008 09:29AM

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  • User35
    Noellie, Friday, 05/23/2008 08:29PM

    hello, ma name is jenny.thx 4 your inviting!

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