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13 AUG

Treffen: Let's talk and discuss in English

Geschrieben von User15 Sant-Andrea 10.07.2016 19:54h (geändert: 07.08.2016 21:02h) | 119 x gelesen

Datum: Jeden 2 Samstag im Monat um 15:30h am 13.08.2016
Ort: Gaststätte Lilium, 4 Leipziger Straße , 60487 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland » Stadtplan

We want to continue discussing current social political and similar subjects. Nobody needs to have special knowledge in these fields to participate in our meetings. Putting our knowledge together, from experience a lively discussion will result.

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3 Kommentare

  • User35
    Luchs89, Mittwoch 20.07.2016 22:04h

    Sorry for not being able to come in August. Please accept that I am an adult person who is in the position of making decisions. Even if it’s very hot, if I say no to something as a consequence, I do mean it like this. The issue of succession has to be solved without me. Good luck.

  • User35
    Sant-Andrea, Donnerstag 21.07.2016 19:06h

    Sorry that you do not want to continue to come. I have no problem continuing as usual and no reason for Peter not to stay either. One good idea was to have a fixed date for the next 3 meetings. Thanks!

  • User35
    Fungypsy, Montag 08.08.2016 16:15h

    you guys should better go to bornheim and watch the lovely parade !!!!!it is great, i am going every year http://www.bernemerkerb.de/programm/

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