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About our group

This regular table is for everybody, who likes to chill out, meet diverse people and enjoy speaking English. This “Stammtisch” is dedicated to people who are fluent or almost fluent in the English language.

I have made reservations for this coming Friday, 16th September 2016 at the Tequila Bar at 19:00. Please feel free to contact me, if you will attend due to efficient seating arrangements. If you will ask for the Stammtisch “Groops” the waiter will show you the table where we will be waiting for you.

Hope hearing from you and see you on Friday.

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  • User35
    Sant-Andrea, Saturday, 10/01/2016 09:28AM

    Hope to hear from you soon if you are interested to join me with talking English since the organizer is retiring. I started this nearly 9 years ago and am co-organizer. Would like to retire when talking English is in good hands. Are you interested? Sincerely Anne von Gleichen (sant-Andrea

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