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Hannover, Deutschland

hemmerling – SCADA Expertness – Energy Efficient Design – Quality Intensification for IT + Automation 1. Quality Management for Datacenter Service Providers, IT- and Automation, Software & System Development 2. Project Management 3. Software & System Development 3.1 Conception of Data Acquisition and Instrumentation Systems 3.2 Machine-specific Programming, also for Embedded & Realtime Systems 3.3 Software for Automation & Process Control 3.4 Requirements and Process Analysis, Requirements Management & Testing 3.5 Structured, Signal Flow, Object- and Component-Oriented Development Approach 3.6 Strong Documentation, using UML, BPMN, etc. 4. Furthermore: Trustworthiness, reliableness, accuracy, continuity, IT competence, sometimes a astonishingly different view on apparently self-evident things, …

Mitglied seit: 29.08.2016
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