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Über unsere Gruppe

Please feel welcome to our group if you are interested in talking English. It doesn’t matter which level your English skills are, what age you are and what your profession is. We enjoy new friendships from all nations. Hope to see you soon.

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Do you like to meet people in a relaxed environment - like us? And you like talk...
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20:00h NOV

Treffen Treffen Meeting (44532 Lünen)

Hello Everybody the next meeting is on the 5th of October in Extrablatt at 20.00.



Geschrieben von User15 Aj-Uk-Girl 04.06.2014 22:32h

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4 Grüße an die Gruppe

Bitte melde Dich an, um einen Gruß hinterlassen zu können.

  • User35
    Aj-Uk-Girl, Donnerstag 08.05.2014 18:46h

    Hallo leider muss ich unser Mai Treffen absagen mangels Teilnehmeer. Wir treffen uns am kommenden Dienstag 13.05.14in Destille um 20 Uhr. Vlg Mandy

  • User35
    Weziegler, Sonntag 09.06.2013 10:40h

    Hi Everybody, I think most of us enjoy our regular meetings with chats about daily life and experiences. I guess some of you might also like to read stories in English language as well. Please feel free to look up my homepage www.ziegler-luenen.de, where you will find some cracy stories (in English) from travels around the world. Of course if you want to read them in German you can get the stories as paperback or E-Book, titled: Globale Geschäftsreisen-Erlebnisse nicht zur Nachahmung empfohlen.ISBN 978-3-8334-7591-7. Your feedback would be very welcome.

  • User35
    Weziegler, Freitag 07.06.2013 17:09h

    Hi English speakers, The meeting last night was quite extraordinary. Unfortunately the UK-girl was missing but some newcomers were present from the ZwAR-group in Luenen, but also ex-patriots from Iraq and India. I enjoyed the lively conversation but equally the phantastic weather, which allowed us to sit outside until well past 10 pm. Looking forward to the next meeting. Sincerely Werner

  • User35
    Weziegler, Freitag 26.04.2013 09:34h

    Hi everybody, As I might have told you, we are moving house soon. For that reason I am in the middle of sorting out my home office. I do have some books in English to give away, if anybody is interested. The books are: Sleep Walk – John Saul, The Katanga Run – Richard Cox, Bloodline – Sidney Sheldon, Mutation – Robin Cook, Tether‘s End – Margery Allingham, Point of Impact – Tom Clancy & Steve Pieczenik, Thai Horse – William Diehl, A twist in the tale – Jeffrey Archer, Seconds – David Ely, Islam, the misunderstood religion – Muhammed Kutub, Reasonable Doubt – Philip Friedmann, How to argue and win every time – Gerry Spence, Yes Prime Minister – Anthony Jay, The complete Yes Minister – Anthony Jay, Against all enemies – Richard A. Clarke, Let me know, if you want any of them and I will bring them to the next meeting. regards

Offene Gruppe, Inhalte für alle sichtbar Gruppe jetzt beitreten... Oder melde Dich an, falls Du bereits Mitglied bist.

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