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17 DEZ

Treffen: English get-together on Xmas

Geschrieben von User15 Tanja-Wuppertal 11.10.2016 10:30h (geändert: 11.12.2017 11:37h) | 97 x gelesen

Datum: Sonntag 17.12.2017 um 16:00h
Ort: Weihnachtsmarkt am kö bogen, Schadowstraße, 40212 Düsseldorf, Deutschland » Stadtplan

Dear Members,

I would like to invite you to our regular meeting.

We meet in front of H&M Schadowstrasse (U-Bahnstation).

I hope we will have a nice time as usual.

See you soon Tanja

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5 Kommentare

  • User35
    Nicole17, Freitag 08.12.2017 15:07h

    Hello – I am brand new in the group. How can I find you at the Christmas market or contact you? I am looking forward to it.Nicole

  • User35
    Elmiris, Montag 11.12.2017 11:19h

    Welcome Nicole. Since Tanja put the meeting in, I will let her answer. In case she doen’t have a particulaz place in mind, the Eisbahn (there is a Glühweinstand directly next to it usually) might be the easiest to find.

  • User35
    Tanja-Wuppertal, Montag 11.12.2017 11:37h

    We meet in front of H&M Schadowstrasse (U-Bahnstation).

  • User35
    Wareman, Freitag 15.12.2017 23:44h

    Hi, I would like to join as well, but I cannot make it before 18:00. How can we meet? Could someone text me (or WhatsApp) when you settled somewhere, please? Thanks Stephan

  • User35
    Tanja-Wuppertal, Sonntag 17.12.2017 11:52h

    Hey stefan, I don’t know how long we will stay at the market.what is your number?

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