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Beitrag: Meet friends and speak english, italian french and russian

Geschrieben von User15 Thomapa 25.03.2018 21:03h | 36 x gelesen


I work in an Hotel and want to speak english in my free time. Therefore I want to meet with people from abroad and talk in english. But also in italian, french and russian. Also in a group. My working hours are every week different. There the others have to be flexibel to meet me.

Best regards


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  • User35
    Fungypsy, Sonntag 25.03.2018 21:05h


  • User35
    Ene-Vene, Sonntag 25.03.2018 21:25h

    Hello Thomas, this tuesday we meet us at Stärkls in Erding(Am Mühlgraben 7) at 6 p.m. If you want to take part in your’re very welcome. My Mobilnummer is 0179 4692836 If you have further questions. You can give me your mobilnumber so i can but you in our englisch Group.Best regards Susanne

  • User35
    Priwet, Donnerstag 29.03.2018 10:24h

    Hello Susanne and Thomas, I am also a member of the English group, but unfortunately last year I lost contact with the group. I would like to join the group again. Can you please help me with this? Because without a contact person, there are a lot of complications, such as I can not find the table, where whole group is sitting, etc. Also, I get by e-mail no more information when and where the meeting takes place. I will be very grateful for that. 017647023903

    best regards


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