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Alle Erlebnisberichte dieser Gruppe

  • User35

    Über Treffen "As good as in the past" Again it was very nice to tslk english with the active members of the english conversation group in Nuremberg. By the way isa1006, it would be nice if you cancel the participation when you can’t come like yesterday. Though this little inconvenience it was nice with the two that arrived: One friend of mine and Zwillingskind. I’m again really happy that you’ve decided to join my invitation. I hope it again was as nice for you as for me. About our next meeting I write at a more official place. Thank you zwillingskind and Kerstin. Steinhuebl, Montag 05.05.2014 16:25h | Kein Bild | 46 x gelesen

  • User35

    Über Treffen "Enjoy English" Yesterday we had our second meeting since I organize it. My hopes were fulfilled. Our group increased. Not only the two from the last, first new meeting but also two new girls (friends of mine) joined... Steinhuebl, Montag 24.03.2014 14:50h | Kein Bild | 85 x gelesen

  • Deleted_user35

    Über Treffen "Music in the air ! 01. August 2009 at St. Katarina" Hi all, to choose main entrance at St. Katarina as meetingpoint was too optimistic from me, it were to many people and so it was really not easy, I am sorry. I hope you were there, it was great music... Esge (gelöscht), Sonntag 02.08.2009 10:53h | Kein Bild | 28 x gelesen

Offene Gruppe, Inhalte für alle sichtbar Gruppe jetzt beitreten... Oder melde Dich an, falls Du bereits Mitglied bist.






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