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About Us

Groops stands for:

  • regular, private get-togethers
  • finding people with the same interests
  • local involvement
  • helping people help themselves
  • offline communities
  • social experiences

Groops is all about great events meeting new people from your neighbourhood Groops are self-organizing groups or smaller associations calling for regular meetings. Everyone can easily get to know new people and make friends with like-minded folks sharing hobbies, interests or concerns.


Jens Doka,
Nickname: doka
Guillaume Dufloux,
Nickname: gdufloux
Christoph “Jack” Bauer,
Nickname: Kultfigur
Jan Ulbrich,
Nickname: Ulbrich
Mirjam Mieschendahl,
Nickname: miadonna

We help making Groops better:

Marc Beyerlin,
Nickname: marcbey
Jesús Lopez,
Nickname: mediumonline