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Über unsere Gruppe

Für den kommenden Winter lege ich eine Pause ein, weil ich mit dem “Deutschunterricht” und den kommenden Konzerten sehr viel zu tun habe. Wenn ich ein geeignetes Lokal in Friedenau finde würde ich gerne einen Lesezirkel einrichten. Es werden ausschließlich simplified stories gelesen. Es gibt jede Menge im Compact Verlag München.

Der folgende Text, ist erst mal auf Eis gelegt bzw. momentan nicht gültig.

( Wir treffen uns jeden Donnerstag im TIO am Bersarinplatz in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Hier üben wir in fröhlicher Runde Konversation. Wir sind relativ ungestört, da wir etwas separat einen Platz haben. Start ab 18:00 Uhr! Thursdays we meet at the TIO. This is at the Bersarinplatz in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Here we practice conversation. We are relatively undisturbed because we have a place somewhat separately. Starting from 6 pm )

I’m very busy at the moment with my German teaching and too many rehearsals for two concerts in the next month. Maybe I can find a nice café or restaurant in Friedenau after Dezember, then we can do a reading group for simplified, short, crime stories. There are a lot of them from Compact Verlag, München. E.G. “Murder at Teatime”.

See you in January Secheresses

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06.10.2016 Treffen "Let's learn English together!!!" 2 Teilnehmer, 0 Bilder
25.08.2016 Treffen "Let's learn English together!!!" 2 Teilnehmer, 0 Bilder

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2 Grüße an die Gruppe

Bitte melde Dich an, um einen Gruß hinterlassen zu können.

  • User35
    Mogline71, Donnerstag 30.06.2016 16:05h

    I’m sorry – i have to leave this group, because it is to much after work. I wish you all the best! Friendly regards, Barbara

  • User35
    Secheresses, Sonntag 10.04.2016 10:53h

    Dear English-Fans, we were a big group of 5 people on our last meeting, and we did a lot of reading and listening and talking. At the beginning we did two tongue-twisters . “Rubber, Baby, Buggy, Bumpers” was one of them. After reading two very short stories we were listening to natural English speakers. Then we translated two pages of our crime story. “Murder at Teatime” . At last we talked about the platform groops and how to do the registering by groops for our meetings. During our meeting there was a peculiar event as we prepared our recorder in order to listen to the natural speakers voice, a guest about 45 years old, sitting on the table next to us, looked up from his PC and said to me:" You have to tell them more exiting stories, those are really boring". I was a little bit astonished, because at first I didn’t understand what he wanted to say and why he had given his critics without invitation doing this. But I recovered myself very soon and our evening could go on. It was a very interesting and successful evening. Greetings to you all, till our next meeting on the 21th of April. S. P.S. Please register as soon as possible, so I can see how many people would like to come and who would like to come. At least 5 days before the meeting.

Offene Gruppe, Inhalte für alle sichtbar Gruppe jetzt beitreten... Oder melde Dich an, falls Du bereits Mitglied bist.

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