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Beitrag: Let's learn English together!!!

Geschrieben von User15 Secheresses 30.01.2016 13:30h (geändert: 15.02.2016 11:46h) | 24 x gelesen


Bericht vom Treffen 28.01.2016, noch in der alten Gruppe.

Hello English-Enthusiasts! We were a group of fife people. We were lucky to introduce a new female member from Spandau. All were deeply interested in our crime-story. Oh dear – in our last sentences we read some very bad news. Ms. Rose were murdered in a massage room of a spa in Bath, England. Ms. Stubbs (wife of the police inspector) found her, from head to toes wrapped in a film. The circumstances were not as comfortable as I had expected. The door of the smokers room was open and not only the smell was disturbing I felt an cold air draft from the front door of the smokers room to a nother front door on the cooking area. Before reading we had a small discussion of a blood pressure device. Pronunciation was again and again a theme. I was lucky to have my iPod with me which has a sound output in order to listen to the complecated or already forgotten pronunciation of the English words. I’m looking forward to our next meeting Secheresses

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  • User35
    Secheresses, Donnerstag 04.02.2016 11:44h

    Hello new members,

    don’t forget to bring your book with you. " Murder at Teatime" Compact Verlag ISBN 978-3-8174-7839-2 See you in the evening! Secheresses

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