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Alle Erlebnisberichte dieser Gruppe

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    Über Treffen "Let's learn English together!!!" Picture Hello you there outside in the aether, we had a great evening yesterday. We were five round the table. At first we read four pages from our story, then we counted out many wild and tame animals. After this we imagined to ordered meat in a restaurant as there is “mutton, beef or chicken”. And we had a short exercise in Pronunciation for the fish “salmon”. (The " l " is not spoken and the “a” is stressed.) So you can see that we did a lot. Have a nice week! Secheresses, Freitag 19.02.2016 11:13h | 1 Bild | 23 x gelesen

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  • User35

    Let's learn English together!!! Hello there you known and unknown people in the aether!! We were four people together. Sigbea, Wollff, Stepan and I. Three men and one woman. Sigbea hat es noch geschafft zu kommen. For me it was... Secheresses, Freitag 12.02.2016 14:37h | Kein Bild | 21 x gelesen

  • User35

    Über Treffen "Let's learn English together!!!" (2) Picture Hello members and hello you there in the aether, we were five of us today. Three man and two women were heavily concentrated over nearly two hours. It was a good work, a pity that I had to leave in a... Secheresses, Donnerstag 04.02.2016 23:33h | 1 Bild | 17 x gelesen

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Offene Gruppe, Inhalte für alle sichtbar Gruppe jetzt beitreten... Oder melde Dich an, falls Du bereits Mitglied bist.






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