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17 APR

Treffen: Conversation in English no. 3

Geschrieben von User15 Daberjaux 11.04.2017 22:17h (geändert: 12.04.2017 07:48h) | 101 x gelesen

Datum: Montag 17.04.2017 um 16:00h

Let’s continue to practice and improve our English!

Proposed Topics: Books in all their aspects. For example: The first book? Who invented the book? What is a book? What kind of books do we prefer?

If you like, start already on Good Friday when – so I hope – everything is quiet to think about these questions! It would be great, if – lacking the facts – you invented a story about it.

Additional topic: What do we think about Easter? Does it mean anything to us? What meant it to us when we were children? How did we celebrate it? What sort of customs did we practice in our family?

You might think: That’s none of your business! In this case: Invent alternative facts! Tell us a nice stories! We don’t care. We would enjoy it.

So, I hope you will come! The cafe also offers nice cakes. One reason more to join us.

What would the world look like without any rules? Some guiding principles for our meeting:

- We really speak only English. If desired, however, we can set a time limit. After that we would speak German.

- Have the courage to come. Even if you think your English is not good. More important than a certain level is the desire to improve your English. My own language skills are not at all perfect.

- It’s not teaching. I am not an English teacher. But we help each other.

- We learn and are usually not native speakers. Therefore, errors are normal. We learn from it.

- Please don’t take everything what is written here too seriously! You don’t have to prepare anything. Just enjoy Easter.

- You only talk about what you really want.

- I proposed two topics, but we are also free to talk about everything we like.

Happy Easter


Nächstes Treffen nicht verpassen!

Jetzt Bilder hochladen!

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4 Kommentare

  • User35
    Algarve1, Dienstag 11.04.2017 22:25h

    Please, tell me, where is the meeting point?

    • User15
      Daberjaux, Mittwoch 12.04.2017 07:30h

      We’ll meet in the cafe Libresso. The exact adress is mentioned below the title of the activity. It is very close to the Neumarkt where you can get by tram or bus. Please have also a look on the map. I hope to see you, Algarve1.

  • Deleted_user35
    Ahoimarie2 (gelöscht), Mittwoch 12.04.2017 19:34h

    Very good idea Unfortenatuly i m in holiday … next Meeting i will join Angelika

    • User15
      Daberjaux, Freitag 14.04.2017 09:08h

      I wish you a nice holiday. I would be glad to see you at the next meeting. Daberjaux

  • User35
    Viwien, Mittwoch 12.04.2017 21:33h

    I would like to come . I can’t because i’m working until 7 pm everyday. Viwien

  • User35
    Daberjaux, Sonntag 16.04.2017 12:04h

    It might be that two guests are coming. They have not registered with the group yet. Those who want to participate permanently have to log in to “Neue Freunde und …”.

    Anyone can bring someone to the meeting. But it should be announced in a comment. Daberjaux

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