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12 MÄR

Treffen: Conversation in English no. 2

Geschrieben von User15 Daberjaux 02.03.2017 16:29h (geändert: 02.03.2017 16:41h) | 140 x gelesen

Datum: Sonntag 12.03.2017 um 15:30h

Let’s continue to practice and improve our English!

Proposed Topic: Everything we know about Great Britain: history, literature, painting, geography, cities, politicians, the queen and the royal family, scandals, sights, theaters, movies, series, radios, TV stations, sportsmen, immigrants, former and existing colonies, Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, relations with other countries, Music, musicians, stars, food, customs, business, social structures, legal and constitutional system, parties and their goals, the Beatles and other groups, …

We also talk about everything we just want. The topic is supposed to help to get into conversation.

Conditions for participation:

- We really speak only English. If desired, however, we can set a time limit. After that we would speak German.

- Have the courage to come. Even if you think your English is not good. More important than a certain level is the desire to improve your English. My own language skills are not at all perfect.

- It’s not teaching. I am not an English teacher. But we help each other.

- We learn and are usually not native speakers. Therefore, errors are normal. We learn from it.

Nächstes Treffen nicht verpassen!

Jetzt Bilder hochladen!

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3 Kommentare

  • User35
    Dusty13, Donnerstag 02.03.2017 16:50h

    I love the idea! This time I will really try to come… See you then (hopefully more than daberjaux and me ;-) )

    • User15
      Daberjaux, Sonntag 05.03.2017 07:51h

      I would be happy to see you.

  • User35
    Wandrin-Star, Donnerstag 02.03.2017 20:34h

    It sounds great to me that you keep going with the English conversation “groop”.I saw your first invitation a couple of weeks ago but decided to hiking instead. So I hope I will make it this time.

  • User35
    Daberjaux, Sonntag 12.03.2017 10:45h

    It seems that we will have a very nice spring afternoon today. So, if you like, we could add a walk to our meeting. We will decide as a group during our meeting.

    But we should stay for some time – let’s say at least half an hour – in the Libresso so that those who will come a little bit later can join us.

    You can recognize me at a tennisball. It will be lying on the table in front of me.

    See you D.

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