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Meeting: Regular Table English Conversation

Posted by User15 Werkstueck 03/01/2018 11:08AM | 88 x read

Date: Every Wednesday at 06:00PM on 08/08/2018

same procedure than every week, folks…

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Attending (5)

  • User90 martinooo
  • User90 sabinel
  • User90 wintertime
  • User90 euml
  • User90 tomde

Not attending (1)

  • User90 werkstueck


  • User35
    Tomde, Tuesday, 07/31/2018 08:27PM

    Hi! Anybody coming?

  • User35
    Tomde, Wednesday, 08/08/2018 07:45AM

    I expect a warm and dry afternoon and I think we can meet outside in the beergarden. If the Regular Table Token (aka Union Jack) is not around, then I’ll put a green VRS cotton bag onto the table. I’ll try to get the table in the shades we had in July or a table nearby. CU later.

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