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Meeting: Regular Table English Conversation

Posted by User15 Werkstueck 03/01/2018 11:08AM (modified: 08/16/2018 01:14PM) | 48 x read

Date: Every Wednesday at 06:00PM on 09/05/2018

same procedure than every week, folks…

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Attending (5)

  • User90 p-cola
  • User90 euml
  • User90 galafil
  • User90 tomde
  • User90 wintertime

Not attending (2)

  • User90 werkstueck
  • User90 hardy-m

1 Comment

  • User35
    Werkstueck, Thursday, 08/16/2018 12:57PM

    Dear Friends, perhaps I am in for one hour. I have an appointment at 8 pm near Dom. So it might be possible to join and say hallo just for a little hour.

    All the best for you!

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