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Erlebnisbericht: Über Treffen "time to say farewell"

Geschrieben von User15 Sant-Andrea 19.09.2016 18:55h | 54 x gelesen

Bericht von: Treffen "time to say farewell"
Ort: Lliliums Restaurant, Leipziger Straße, 60487 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Termin: Samstag 17.09.2016 15:30h

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Hello all Members! thanks to every one who came to the last meeting run by Peter and myself. Should anyone want to take over please let me know as soon as possible. Otherwise Talking English will close as a discussion group and take on another form. The name will remain, but Talking English will be a platform for anyone wanting to meet, go out and about while always however talking English. Look forward to hearing from some of the 300 plus members. sincerely Anne von Gleichen

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