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Bielefeld, Deutschland

:" Life,Love,Work, Learn and Research in 1 "

As free cosmic Exotarian ( give all knowledge, which is in us ) and not brown Esotarian ( manipulate with “Secret”- Knowledge) City- Schaman, Brother of “Future”, and vegan tantric Yogi(started with 12 and regular with 21), Life- and Love + Ur-Energy Researcher and Ambassador of GAIA EMBASSY, this is the Introduction to create an International Living architectured eco-village Network Reality, all the Earthgrid long! And let us create the Cosmic Academy, with “Cosmic Church”,-Party and -Society!!!; as an Non profite GAIA Network Society!!!!

`Cause there exist not really the GAIA Embassy in the GAIA Network Company(GNC), yet!

So we can start this important part, where we can help to heal the Nature, Culture and Energyfield of Mother Earth GAIA in one harmony!

With this old urmatriachalic Earth Acupuncturetool of Future and Praehistory!

Where the Ur Energy, or “Cosmic Breath” Come Down! Through the “forgotten” Holy Stones; and 1./ first Rolling Stones!! Like a Rolling Stone!!!

Or in other words: Let us start the “Ecotopian” – or “International Energy Land ART Continuity”, with the healing Rock´n Roll of the Living Architecture Musicality;

And come to help Mopther Earth´s Life, and be the Cry of last residents of this world, to clean the old and create new Powerplaces as one possibility of Future Musicprojects with the International Energy Land Art concept, 2. to heal and transform into healing Flower Power of GAIA BLUES Movement !

Instaed to waste the Creativity in patriachalic deathly Ghetto Arts for the ego-blowing on, ´cause this kind of creativity isn´t in my eyes a constructive help for mother earth´s Nature and all humankind, lets concentrate us on our Power together to work on our new “Cosmic Homes” and to create a Holistic Clearing-off Arts Crew! ( Basic of Art = understandible Information / + clearing off and /or healing and development for all – one Sentence from my old Artteacher Friedrich Hoffmeister: “Well” Art see the Future ahead")

I introduced You to create new lifeforms where we can live and love together, in collective as individual stage, with the nature and culture and Mother Earth´s Energyfield in one harmony!

And introduced all the really matriachalic and tantric orientated and interested Ladys and Mens to start the first Cosmic Academy with the GAIA Embassy on a holy and sure place with wellwater!

Who know a holy and sure place with wellwater, or can help us to start the first Basicstation of " Cosmic Academy " on “Johanneshills” in Bielefeld, as P.owerplace and C.omunication C.enter : " P.C.C. Endless Eight of Cosmic Eternity " ? Or : " The Earthship with the Spiral Jetty " ?

And while I´m in my cosmic grounded foundationphase of the creative Orgon Laboratory, as Cosmic Flat of holistic-constructive Psychology and Orgonomy, with later the Art Pottery and biomedical Gardenery, I want to work with You through the transforming Orgonia for a COSMIC ECOTOPIA, instaed to live later only in brown Utopia!

Come on together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Foundater, Musicians, Artists, Actors, craftsmans and -ladies, matriachalic and tantric Ladies and Men, ecofarmers etc. …

And dont forget the freak-hippie- and punc move basicgoal: to come away from the status symbols( For example:“Clothes makes People”) and create Your own fashion and Life again !!!

Adress : Artstudio for “Life-Space-Arragenements” with the orgonpsychologic Practise and laboratory: The “Creative ORGON. – LAB.”

- Classic Orgonomy of Dr. Wilhelm Reich - Modern Orgonpyramidology of Dr. Fred Bell -Own created Energy Arts for House and Garden

+ Psychologic Consultation Office:" Alternative „AIDS“- Help + Spiritual Drugsconsultation " ( Holistic Trauma + Drugsassimilation- and Nourishmentconsultation)

Diploma in Psychology, + Art→ Specialisation = Ecologic Arts/Clearing off Art about Heal Arts Homepage: www.creativeorgonlab.de/com + www.gaiaembassy.de

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